3 Common Uses for a Wide Format Printer

Most businesses have some type of printer equipment or printing services. From forms that need to be filled out to important order information to customer contact forms, there are endless uses for printing. But one type of printing many businesses fail to utilize is wide format printing. Wide format printers open up a whole new world of printing projects, so let's take a look at a few things you can do with this type of printing.

Business signage: Instead of buying generic business signs and promotional materials, why not create your own? Custom business signs can help make a business really stand out -- with a great design and a high-quality print job, you can quickly have your own business signs. From marketing materials, like flyers or posters, to signs for the display window in the front of the store, you're sure to attract more attention with these types of advertisements. With the right printer, bond paper, and ink, your signs will be great.

Displays and banners: If you have an event that you need to make a display or banner for, wide format printing is perfect for the job. Choosing Tyvek banner printing can help you create an amazing banner for things like tradeshows, business events, and even social events. If you need a big display created, don't waste your time trying to glue graphics onto poster board -- print your own high-quality display that is sure to attract attention.

Vehicle graphics: Vinyl paper rolls can be used to create attention-grabbing graphics for vehicles. Whether you're trying to promote a business, are creating an advertisement for a bus or van, or just want something cool to put on your personal vehicle, you can create your own vehicle graphics with a wide format printer. Printing a design on adhesive backed paper can help make the process quick and convenient. And by using a reputable printer, you can produce vehicle graphics that fit your personal needs.

It's no secret that businesses do a lot of printing -- architectural and engineering office produce an average of 3,500 square feet of printing output every month. But with wide format printing, the printing possibilities are endless. So whether you need bond paper, ink, or other media for a wide format print job, choose Get Paper for your printing needs.