3 Mistakes to Avoid When Printing

Printing a poster, business marketing material, or even just a letter seems simple enough, right? But printing is actually more complex than you may think. From the original idea to creating the design to printing, every step of the process has an impact on the finished result. So if you're looking for the best possible print job, here are a few mistakes you should try to avoid.

Choosing the wrong paper: First off, it's important to be using the right paper for the project you're working on. Paper comes in a variety of weights and finishes -- you even have to think about paper brightness, which is measured on a scale from zero up to 100. Whether you're interested in engineering bond paper rolls, plotter paper options, or just plain copy paper, you need to make sure the paper is right for the job. Consider the size, finish, and quality of the paper before making a final decision.

Not allowing enough bleed: Not allowing enough bleed in a design is a common mistake among all printing projects. Bleed is when the graphic or design goes past the edge of the paper to ensure it completely covers the paper when it's printed. If you fail to give enough bleed, you could end up with a border of plain paper around the image. Unless that's what you're looking for, make sure your design is slightly bigger than the paper you're printing on.

Using poor resolution: When you're printing a project that consists of graphics, images, and other designs, it's essential you're printing them in a high-quality manner. If you use low resolution when creating your design, it's going to print blurry and poorly. This is especially problematic for important projects and business material. So before you even get to the printing stage, make sure all of your images are high resolution. And when it comes time to print, make sure the printer settings for your bond paper rolls are set properly to see the best printing results possible.

Once you are more familiar with the entire process printing will be a breeze. So keep these mistakes in mind to help the printing process go smoothly.