The 4 Types of Paper Finishes

bond paperThere are multiple ways you can order your paper and numerous styles to choose from. You can purchase vinyl paper rolls, plotter paper rolls, engineering bond paper, blueprint paper, 36 inch paper, and more.

However, not every type of paper is the same, and there are various ways you can order a certain type. If you need, you can get your paper coated. Each level will correspond to how much coating is applied to the paper type. You can get uncoated, matte, gloss, and UV gloss paper.

Uncoated Paper

Uncoated refers to 0% coating, meaning there is no coating applied whatsoever. That means the paper is dry and porous and has no glare on the surface. Uncoated paper is ideal for printing projects that require a lot of text or items that will need to be read. In terms of writing, uncoated paper presents the best option since it will prevent smudging and can be written on with a large assortment of different types of pens and pencils. Traditional stock bond paper is uncoated.

Matte Coated Paper

Matte coating refers to 25% coating, which gives the paper a light gloss. This gives a contrast boost to printed photos without much glare. In fact, the glare of matte coated paper is almost as non-existent as that of uncoated paper. However, matte provides a smoother finish than uncoated paper, yet softer than that of gloss coating. Those who want to enhance the visual design of their print, but have a toned-down layout and color scheme, often choose matte coating.

Gloss Coated Paper

A gloss coating has a 50% coating percentage, giving it a lot of shine. Gloss paper gives printed content high contrast and emphasizes color to a higher degree than paper with a light coating. For projects that require the images and colors to jump off the page, gloss paper provides a professional presentation that makes color and images stand out.

UV Gloss Coated Paper

A UV gloss coating is double the coating percentage of regular gloss, with 100% coating. It has all of the same characteristics as gloss coated paper, yet substantially increased. The shine and glare of UV gloss coated paper is much more significant than the other coating types and can be ideal for marketing materials.

While some places are promoting a paperless work environment, they forget to note that more than one-third of new paper is manufactured using recycled fiber. So whether you want UV gloss, gloss, matte, or uncoated bond paper, you can rest easy knowing it is done with an eco-friendly state of mind.

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