5 Factors to Consider When Selecting Banner Rolls

Do you want to put up a construction project on your property? Well, you need to engage competent professionals to help you in the exercise. Such will include engineers and architects.

According to a 2016 survey, there are 109,748 practicing architects in the United States. Their role is to make your dream project a reality. In executing these duties, the architects use a specialty paper which is known as a plotter paper.

The banner rolls are always in demand in the construction industries. Seasoned and experienced architects do not have a problem selecting their ideal paper. However, if you are starting, you are likely to experience difficulties in selecting the banner rolls to use. But not anymore! This post will help you focus on the best features that matter most when making your decision on the ideal paper roll. Here are the primary considerations to make in the process.

1. Check Your Plotter Machine

Today, thanks to technology, there are many plotter machines and printers in the market. So, do you know the plotter printer that you’re using?

Be careful when selecting banner rolls for these machines. The plotter paper should be compatible with these machines and equipment. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting time and money.

Currently, there are two types of plotter printers in the market. They include drum printers or flatbed printers. Each of these printers uses different types of paper. The flatbed printers use sheets of paper while the drum printers which include inkjet plotters use paper rolls.

You should also check the volume of prints that you intend to produce. Remember, some papers will be best suited for this task than others.

2. Understand the Plotter Paper Variations

The global market for wide market printers is expected to rise through the years. It’s only logical that the demand for plotter paper rolls will increase.

The bulk engineering paper and plotter vinyl rolls are essential for people working in architectural, engineering and graphic design projects. Having the best bond paper rolls is essential in helping you meet your daily business operations. For this to happen, you have to select the right paper among these options.

• Tyvek Banner Roll

It’s made of high-density flash spun polyethylene fibers. Engineers and project managers use the materials to protect the construction project. It’s highly durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

The Tyvek banner roll doesn’t tear easily. You may need to use a pair of scissors or a knife to do this.

• Uncoated Paper Bond

It is an inexpensive type of plotter paper that’s used in black-ink drawings and text documents. The makeup of this paper is at least 30 percent of recycled paper which means it’s recovered from the waste stream. The recycling efforts will continue to improve with technology and diligence.

3. Check the Paper Dimensions

Plotter papers come in different dimensions. The length and width of these papers play a vital role here. Yes, you need to ensure that the dimensions line up with what the machine or printer can utilize.

Be sure to cross-reference the width measurements of your engineering bond paper against your plotter machine. That’s the only way to achieve value for money.

4. Consider the Finish

The banner rolls can be more varied in terms of texture than you can imagine. For instance, the engineering bond papers are cheap and popular while giving a versatile texture. Due to its high quality, architects use it in the final stages to create blueprint documents.

5. Understand How Your Plotter Machine Works

The plotter machine utilizes a special pen that moves across the paper leaving various impressions. Here, you are at liberty to choose papers of different sizes and textures as per the requirements.

Figuring out the right banner rolls for your plotter machine doesn’t have to frustrate. With this guide, you’ll know the factors to consider and check before making your selection. Implement it today and you’ll get value for money.