Ask Yourself These Questions Before Choosing a Paper and Printer Type

The global market for wide format printers is projected to reach $7.2 billion by the year 2022. That being said, it takes high-quality paper and printers to create a project your business will be proud to share. Blueprints paper is the perfect example: it takes more than the right paper quality to ensure a high-end result. Here are just a few questions to ask yourself before choosing an engineering paper and printer type for your project.

What conditions will the project be exposed to?

First, remember that most of today's architectural and engineering offices average 3,500 square feet per month of printing output. However, it's important to make sure the printer and blueprints paper you use are designed to work in conjunction for a high-quality end result. It helps to consider which conditions the paper will be exposed to. Traditional blueprint bond paper is designed to withstand more elemental conditions than other types of paper due to its intended use, but it may have its downfalls as well. Typically, though, you can categorize your project paper and printing needs based on whether it will be used for overlays, estimation, or job site trailers. If the environment is expected to have a high level or dust, dirt, debris, or moisture, it's worth investing in a high-quality paper that's up for the challenge. The last thing you want is for your blueprints to become destroyed or illegible as a result of poor paper quality.

How professional does the project need to look?

It's true that architectural skill level plays a large role in how any given project will look, but when it comes to blueprints, it's the paper and printer quality that really count. It's always best to invest in a high-end paper and printer type if your clients are frequently looking at the quality of the project. But if they're for internal use only, it may be okay to take the occasional shortcut.

The 2016 Survey of Architectural Registration Boards reported that there are 109,748 architects in the United States, and every office has differing needs when it comes to paper and printing projects. For more information about blueprint engineering bond paper for sale, contact Get Paper.