Guide To Choosing The Right Wide Format Printer: Part 1

engineering bond paperWide format printers are becoming an increasingly popular business choice for creating high-quality printouts. In fact, the global market for wide format printers is projected to reach $7.2 billion by the year 2022. But before your business invests in a wide format printer and some engineering bond paper to go with it, it's essential to consider some important aspects that can affect costs, lifespan, and printing quality. Here's part one of our guide to choosing the right wide format printer.

Black And White Or Color?

First, your business should know that wide format printers come in models that print both black and white and color. Most businesses are quick to assume that they need a color printer, but that's not always the case. The main consideration is determining how often you'll be using your printer as well as what you'll be printing with it. If you're printing posters, photos, drawings, presentations, or technical documents, a color printer is probably the right choice. If you're more interested in volume and productivity, you may be able to sacrifice the color component of your printer and choose a black and white model.


A wide format printer is certainly an investment, and it's critical to consider both performance and speed. This includes examining a number of components. Processing time, the time it takes for your printer to prepare itself prior to printing, can make or break overall performance. Similarly, the warm-up time, which is how long it takes for the printer to start printing after entering sleep mode, should also be taken into consideration, since your business may not need to turn the printer on and off between uses.

When examining performance, you should also compare speed to quality. While black and white printers can print at the same speed regardless of what's on the page, the same can't be said about color printers. With color printers, the printing speed depends on the printing mode you're using.

Ultimately, examining these critical factors can help your business make the right decision when investing in a wide format printer. Keep an eye out for the next post, where we'll reveal some more essential aspects to keep in mind when shopping for wide format printers, and for more information about engineering bond paper or inkjet plotter paper rolls, contact Get Paper.