The Ultimate Guide on Different Banner Materials

According to recent studies, more waste paper products in the US are recycled in comparison to waste paper sent to landfills. Recycling helped the United States paper industry achieve a 60% scrap paper recovery rate by 2012. Remarkably, the paper industry achieved this targeted goal three years early.

Manufacture of recyclable banner printing material is from either low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, or a mixed combination of these media. The banner material is woven and offers strength equal to the traditional vinyl paper roll.

Banner rolls made from vinyl are known for producing a higher quality print with better ink adhesion than alternative substrates. While exploring different material options for banner rolls, it is crucial to conduct thorough research. This article offers an ultimate guide on the different banner materials.

Vinyl Banners

Vinyl contains a particular type of plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Banner rolls made from vinyl offer large size and full-color options that are incredibly durable, lightweight, and easy to install both indoors and outdoors. For enabling hanging, adding grommets and pockets to the vinyl banner's structure is an excellent option.

Investing in this type of banner can be a perfect method of outdoor advertising. Since vinyl banners are resistant to water and sun damage, you can count on their durability even when placed outside. They can last through rain, snow, and sunlight without sacrificing quality.

Besides, the versatility of vinyl banners makes them ideal for use in different industries. The exploitation of Vinyl banner rolls for promotional graphics, directional signage, advertising, and exhibition graphics is prevalent. Having an outstanding vinyl banner roll helps attract new clients and boost brand awareness.

Mesh Banners

Outdoor advertising can be challenging, especially during windy conditions. If you're looking for banner rolls to use outdoors in an open windy area, consider mesh banners. The airflow friendly design eliminates the noise of a banner flapping in the wind.

Fabrication of each outdoor mesh banner uses a 9-ounce vinyl component for a lightweight and durable base for your design. The material used in mesh banners has crisscrossed fibers that allow air and sound to pass through. You can also add a customized look to this material by choosing fade-resistant colors.

Mesh banner rolls are ideal for long-term outdoor use in all types of weather. Their purpose is popular in athletic fields, construction zones, festivals, and other sites. You can set it up between posts, a fence, or a sturdy foundation.

Adhesive Banners

Adhesive banner rolls are great alternative options to free-standing banners. Printing is done with a matte or gloss finish on a permanent adhesive substrate. Gloss adhesive vinyl implies cutting-edge, new-age, and contemporary ideals, while matte is more traditional, elegant, and subdued.

If your adhesive banner is facing the sun, a glossy finish might cause the sun's reflection to mask your design. On the other hand, a low-lit interior setting may accentuate the gloss finish. You can place adhesive banner rolls anywhere from doors and walls to windows and ceilings to park benches and any other flat surface.

After finishing with your promotion, you can peel off the strong adhesive. Adhesive banner rolls help in creating public interest and brand awareness.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banner rolls consist of a high-quality polyester that is ideal for indoor use. Banner printing using fabric involves the dye -sublimation process.

Here the ink is injected into the cloth to produce accurate, vibrant colors. Fabric banners are perfect for indoor events like trade shows, in-store displays, church gatherings, and birthdays.

If you're going to create excellent fabric banners, you'll need a commercial-grade plotter with proper tracking. Most entry-level plotters are excellent for small decals but don't cut accurately beyond 8 – 10 feet. Inquire about tracking before you choose a plotter for fabric banners.

Final Thoughts

Banner rolls are an essential resource for any person looking to stand out in their business. Getting the right material for your banner roll ensures you get across the intended message without any hassle.