offers a wide range of products from the leading paper manufacturers.

HP Paper
We offer more than 50 varieties of HP Paper , including canvas, photo paper, scrim banner, backlit film, and others. HP bond papers, photo papers and films are a staple of the industry. Versatile and in many cases universally compatible, these HP papers run the gamut from large format Designjet photo paper, inkjet coated paper, and universal bond to HP scrim vinyl and HP vivid color backlit film.

Oce Paper
Our inventory includes nearly 600 varieties of Oce Paper. Along with their flagship bond papers, Oce provides a range of quality textiles, vinyls, and films that are compatible with numerous printers and plotters including HP, Canon, and Epson. With a long reputation for high quality and reliability, Oce’s origins trace back to 1877 in the Netherlands – and we’re proud to carry their products today.

Dietzgen Paper
GetPaper sells nearly 300 varieties of Dietzgen Paper. Dietzgen bonds and photo papers are high quality and available in a wide assortment of roll dimensions, sheet sizes, and package types. For the A/E/C industry, our Deitzgen paper ranges 120’-650’ in length and 11”-42” in width.

Magellan Paper
We offer over 100 varieties of Magellan Paper in numerous widths, lengths and packaging. Magellan canvas and film is used by artists and studios worldwide to create high-quality prints.